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Royal Mambo Legacy

Tito Puente & Eddie Torres

Eddie Torres was born on July 3, 1950, in New York City. He began his
dance career in the 1960s and quickly gained recognition for his unique
style and innovation, catching the attention of "El Rey Del Timbal" Tito Puente. Together, they worked over 21 years changing the world through their hard work and passion for this cultural art form.


Eddie Torres 1982 Interview

Eddie Torres explains his vision to create and develop a professional market for Latin dancers, which did not exist at the time. His lifelong dream and mission was to revive this beautiful dance and elevate it to it's rightful status as a respected art form such as Ballet, Jazz, etc. Eddie began to introduce music theory to Mambo, creating the "On2" technique now known as New York Style. As of 1972, Eddie started to create the Syllabus for Mambo, where he named "Suzy Q" as the first Mambo step. Since then, he has created over 500 steps that are now used by all schools, worldwide.

"A Bailar"

"A Bailar" is a documentary which shows the journey of Eddie Torres creating the 1st Latin Dance Company in New York City. When the late, great Machito passed away, Puente wanted to create a tribute in his honor, creating his famous tune "Machito Forever". At the time, Eddie had only been performing for Puente with his wife, Maria Torres. Now, Eddie needed to train 60 street dancers and prepare them to perform at the famous Apollo theatre.  This performance became a massive success, leading Eddie to create his first latin dance company.

Eddie Torres dancing at June Laberta's studio

Eddie Torres Style "ON2"

Eddie Torres & Eddie Montalvo

Eddie Torres explains the music theory behind his "On2" technique. Prior to this, Mambo/Cha-Cha dancers didn't follow a specific timing method. Everyone stepped on different beats spontaneously, according to how they felt the music. "On2" has a very strong foundation within the Tumbao, a rhythm played by the conga instrument. The "Slap" on the 2nd beat, is the most prominent sound. Eddie used this to dictate when you break forward and back within the timing of your footwork. This clip is a segment of the Eddie Torres Instructional video collection called "Salsa, Nightclub Style" Volume 1 & 2. 

Mambo Magic!

"Mambo Inn Special" performed live at the Apollo theatre.

Eddie Torres, Delille Thomas, and the Tito Puente Orchestra

Tito Puente Award

Eddie Torres receives the Tito Puente scholarship Award. Tito Puente was directly responsible for Eddie's vision to become a professional Latin dancer, and create his first dance company. Together, they continued to showcase Latin Dance & Music which inspired the world. They were able to successfully help and establish the market all around the world, for the future generations to come. 

Tito Puente, Joe Conzo, Robyn Lobe, Eddie Torres & his Mambo Kings Orchestra

Mambo for President George H.W. Bush

Mambo "On2" is presented to the 41st President of the United States, George H.W. Bush at the Ford Theatre, 1992. Hosted by Jimmy Smits and Ricardo Montalban - "Ran-Kan-Kan"

Tito Puente, Eddie Torres, Nelida Tirado, Delille Thomas, and Evelyn Leon.

torres_eddi_dancecity_101b (1).jpg

"Dance City"

Eddie Torres forms his new band "Eddie Torres & his Mambo Kings Orchestra " and debuts their new studio album "Dance City" in 1994. This featured many of the original Tito Puente musicians. 

Eddie Torres & Duplessy Monic Walker

The Legacy Continues...


Mambo meets
"In The Heights" Movie

Eddie Torres Jr. & Princess Serrano were the Latin choreographers for the Warner Brothers movie "In The Heights". They were responsible for performing and teaching everyone the authentic New York style of Latin Dance.


Eddie Torres, Eddie Torres Jr.

Eddie & Princess

Eddie Torres Jr. & Princess Serrano are a new, exciting dance couple. They are continuing and growing the Family Legacy, as they travel the world sharing their knowledge and passion for this art form

IMG_1466 4.JPG

The Grammys Interview the Torres Family

Eddie Torres & Eddie Torres Jr. talking about the early Vision of Mambo, how it reaches the movie "In The Heights" and more

Access Hollywood Interviews Eddie Torres Jr.

Eddie Torres Jr. talks about working personally with Lin-Manuel Miranda, earning him the nickname "Latin Gene Kelly".
He also explains the family legacy of
"Mambo On2" being showcased and represented in the film

Tito Jr. & Eddie Jr. at Madison Square Garen

Tito Puente Jr. & Eddie Torres Jr. teamed up together to perform at the Madison Square Garden, along with the Eddie Jr. Dance Company

Mambo on PIX 11

Tv Reporter Ben Aaron highlights Mambo and the Torres Family Legacy in a special segment for Pix 11 News

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